Pitaberry Sdn. Bhd 第十六届全国大专辩论会在此特别感谢 Pitaberry Sdn. Bhd. 成为本会的商品赞助商! 您所给予的支持将带…


Pitaberry Sdn. Bhd

第十六届全国大专辩论会在此特别感谢 Pitaberry Sdn. Bhd. 成为本会的商品赞助商!

您所给予的支持将带领我们迈向另一个高峰!欲知更多关于Pitaberry Sdn Bhd 的详情,请浏览其官方网站 http://vitaminplus.com.my/ 或其官方脸书专页 https://www.facebook.com/Pitaberry-Sdn-Bhd-1450821005170720/

''PITABERRY 有限公司,马来西亚最具创新的快速消费品(FMCG)公司,成立于2003年,主要从食品生产。PITABERRY以种植及生产龙珠果汁开始业务,并致力研发龙珠果食品,成为马来西亚首屈一指的健康龙珠果食品生产商。目前该饮品在各大商场、便利店、杂货店、药材店均有出售,也在超过20个国家推广,包括汶莱、孟加拉、新加坡、英国和中国。''

We would like to express our greatest gratitude to Pitaberry Sdn Bhd upon sponsoring The 16th National Varsity Chinese Debate Competition as Benefit In Kind sponsor! For further information, please do visit the official webpage at http://vitaminplus.com.my/ or official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Pitaberry-Sdn-Bhd-1450821005170720/.

''Malaysia’s most innovative FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumers goods) company, was established in year 2003, and is engaged in the production and marketing of F&B products. PITABERRY started business by planting and selling fresh dragon fruits for domestic market consumption. PITABERRY has undertaken research and came up with dragon fruit-based products and become Malaysia Premier Dragon Fruit Health Producer. Our products have been delivered to cafeteria, institutions, wholesalers and also successfully exported to global market like Brunei, Bangladesh, Singapore, United Kingdom and China.''